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Aiba-chan suteki

Yatta :D

My eye doctor is in my eyecare plan :D :D :D This is a big deal because I really wasn't looking forward to finding a new place since I hate change, so yay :D Now all I need to find is a nice gyne place since I didn't like that lady doctor at all at that other place >:|

And this is overdue, but I absolutely looooove w-inds. new song hanamuke XD I wish the track was longer, but oh well. I haven't watched any lives yet because it's really weird to watch Keita sing while Ryohei and Ryuichi are just backdancing (though they've been doing that since the beginning, but whatever). And since I've been listening to all the music on my ipod instead of just my favorites list, I got to hear more of w-inds.' older stuff and while I still can't manage to listen to the ten-year-old Keita songs, I've found I liked a lot of his other ones. It's too bad I don't know what the names of any of them are (except Love is Message) since I don't look at my ipod when I'm on the train :D

And I've been listening to a lot of fushigi yuugi songs too :D okay, none of the character vocals, but just Satou Akemi. I wonder what happened with her...

I've also been reading like mad. Lynn Flewelling I swear I will find out how to pronounce her last name someday is great :D Well, her Tamir trilogy anyway. I still need to finish the last book of that trilogy, but I think I was getting over-saturated with the universe and switched to the other series she wrote (which ironically IS part of the same universe, but centuries later. Go fig.). I'm slogging through this one though because the amount of description in it is baffling. I can't believe it's the same author, though I guess it's because this was the first book she ever wrote, but still. Most of the time I'm skimming right over her descriptions of, oh let's say, a boot. Because it's not just brown boots, their leathered tan, knee high boots that came from the finest cow in a lush green plain far off to the east where the townfolk made their living off of not only leathered goods, but their fine ale brewed from the best hops one could blahblahblahkillmeknowblah


So, why am I sticking to this book despite all this?? whereas I dropped Good Omens because it just wasn't as witty as it kept making itself out to be Because there's boy love action in here and dag nabbit if I give up before I actually see it >:O And it's not even that I knew about it beforehand because I SO didn't and actually did a double take when I read the inuendo somewhere in midst of the detailed blah and was all "whooooa, wait a minute, did I just read that right..." So, now I'm too curious to drop it -_-;; Hopefully, once I finish this one book, I will be satisfied -_-;

k, that is all :D

wait no, that was a lie D: I am also desperately searching for a nintendo ds lite >.< They're IMPOSSIBLE to find and at first I was just looking with no real intention of buying, but now that I can't actually get one, it's a completely different story. It's a battle now >:O I WILL get a ds lite >:O And not for $199 or $139 but for $129.99 >:O

OK now I'm done >:O
Yuuri ^_^


Why the heck am I listening to them ._. I remember a year ago I tried listening to their songs because of the whole wFL vs. Johnnys thing and I wanted to see if there was even a comparison.

To put it honestly, w-inds freaked me out -_-V I don't remember what song it was I listened to, but Keita's voice was so high-pitched (and it still kind of is) it scared me, and I immediately turned it off -_-; And I don't (and still don't) understand how w-inds exactly works because Keita's the only one singing, right? So, then what are Ryuichi and Ryohei for? I know back then it was just as dancers, but uh, you can just have backdancers. I think they do other things now, right? They rapped in earlier songs? Or they play instruments now. Or. Something. Actually, I really have no clue.

But yea, I really like their Yakusoku no Kakera song. Keita's voice is still high, but I think it's toned down a bit to where it's okay to listen to now (Thank God). Izayoi no Tsuki is pretty good too. Ageha is so-so. Their most recent song It's in the Stars wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to hear those singers saying "It's in the Stars" all retro-y and weird.

PV-wise, I've watched those above four songs and they were pretty good (except stars one). I think what I liked about them most was that they actually told a story. Johnnys usually just has the guys dancing, which is all good and dandy, but it's nice to see a PV with a storyline in it sometimes (Arashi's Wish was cute in that way and I really liked it, although I know some people didn't).

Of the four songs I mentioned, they all seem like pretty sad songs, okay, not It's in the Stars, but those other three.

Regarding appearances...uh...yea Johnnys boys really win. I'm not so superficial that I'll only like a band purely on looks, but at a glance, w-inds are just not attractive to me at all. Keita maybe with the right kind of hair, but uh no thanks. I'll stick to my Aiba-chan and Prince Shige.

I tried listening to their earlier songs again, but I. Just. Can't x_x Again, Keita's voice is too high. It's like some kid singing, which I guess he was at the time. ha. >.>

And I'm not looking forward to getting my NEWS calendar anymore since people are saying it's kind of bad, quality-wise *sigh*
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