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Yuuri ^_^

Final Fantasy XIII...Done!

I finally finished FFXIII today! :D :D I think it was 64 hours of playtime >.>v And that was only completing Chapter 13. I still haven't done all the sidequests yet. I've just started doing all the marks, but I am putting this down for a while.

Like the previous Final Fantasy, I'm not sure whether the ending of the story was satisfying. It always seems like the characters reach a certain point and then the story just ends one way or another. This story in particular was a little...anti-climatic...? Light...? Not so complex...? I can't really describe it. I mean, I was invested in it and it was interesting, but the conclusion was a little too simple, I guess.

I did like all the characters though. Hope and Lightning are my favorites :)
Yuuri ^_^

Wii Party - Sho-kun's CM XD

Oh my god those were so cute! I loved how Sho was making Mii's of the Arashi members XD I think I liked Oh-chan's the best :D

And of course...it's super thick eyebrows for uncool!Jun XD That will never get old for me ^^v

And...back to FFXIII. I'm on Chapter 11 Sulyya Springs. I think I'm on hour 40.

FFXIII - Chapter 7

Oh, Hope D:

Collapse )

It seems like the story is focused on Hope a lot now, which I don't mind because I like him :D

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So, I need to finish the rest of Chapter 7 and then it's off to bed. Yep, I've been completely sucked into this game. No more fic reading for me for a while.

Though I am reading White Road (By Lynn Flewelling) on the train now. So far it's extremely better than Shadows Return, which was just an awful book. Awful, awful, awful. SR was on par with an over dramatic fanfic and not even a well written one. It made me wonder if it was the same author who wrote Traitor's Moon or the Tamir trilogy because those books were fantastic, intriguing and the plot was amazing (please note how I did not include the first two books of the Nightrunner series. Those were not that great and I had to literally force myself to finish them).

Anyhoo, back to playing :D
Yuuri ^_^

Final Fantasy XIII - Chapter 6

I started playing this again this weekend. I hadn't touched it since it was first released and I passed out right after Snow was introduced >.>

The game is pretty linear in terms of the places I'm traveling through. The battle system is interesting now that the Paradigm system was accessible.

I'm intrigued by the story so far, but trying to keep track what's a Sanctum l'cie and a Pulse l'cie is giving me a headache -_- I'm afraid I wouldn't even know how to summarize the storyline to someone if they asked -_-v

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Anyway, hopefully, this won't take too long to play since it doesn't seem like you can stray too far from the destinations they want you to go.

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

...eh. It was kind of boring. I guess I'm not really a mystery novel person. The only reason I finished reading it in the past day was because it was due back to the library today. I don't think the story could stand alone; it was too much like the TV show.

In other news...I ordered the 10th anniversary Digimon All the Best CD >.>v

And the Digimon Adventure Best Hit Parade CD because I wanted to own Koushiro's Version Up! song v<.<

I always liked the Digimon music :) Well, from the Adventures seasons. I never got into Tamers much and didn't watch anything after that. I've been in a Digimon kick ever since I found digitalrewind. It was nice watching the episodes in the original Japanese. It showed me how much the dub added dialogue and changed the meaning behind certain dialogue completely. I already knew about that whole xmas episode with Sora, Tai, and Yamato...but like changing Takeru's dialogue whenever he was around Daisuke...Takeru was actually pretty easy going in the beginning of 02, never rubbing in his friendship with Hikari in Daisuke's face. The dub made it seems as if there were some romance triangle =/

Anyway, still ignoring FFXIII, but I'm almost done with KH 358/2. For some reason I thought it was 365 days ._.v The game is fun, but I'm mostly playing now just to see what happens in the story (Oh, Roxas D:). I had to read back on the storyline for the KH universe because it is a little confusing (i.e. KH2).

And that is all! Except that I really need to start buying stuff for my Arizona trip. Maybe I'll go shopping this weekend.
Yuuri ^_^

Final Fantasy XIII :D

After years and years of waiting and buying a PS3 so I could even play this game...


And no, I was not there at midnight to pick it up b/c I'm a respectable adult had work the next day, so went after work to get it and probably annoyed the salesperson because I kept saying 'sorry what?' like three times when she asked me what system for the game I needed ._.V I think my hearing is really going ._. (and along with my eyesight :O dang you 3D)

My limited edition guide is in transit to me from amazon, but I probably won't get it until next week :( I miss amazon prime :(

I also got my Fushigi Yugi Big Edition (volumes 1-3) (I only have those in chapter form from Animerica Extra...which I doubt anyone remembers), Whistle 24 (final volume. Read it on the train and it made me tear up ;_;), and Detective Conan Baker Street Movie :D This is what happens when I'm at home on a snow day and see a "sale."

Hmm...I'm not sure if I can start this game. Still need to wash my hair and I do want to watch the season finale of White Collar tonight...Still...

Aiba-chan suteki

Oregon Trail

I downloaded it onto my DSi yesterday and made my family as follows:

Dad: Oh-chan
Mom: Nino
Oldest Brother: Sho-kun
Middle Sister (ha): Aiba-chan
Youngest Sister (ha): Jun

And what the heck, Aiba-chan keeps getting attacked by bears and snakes---waitaminute, that totally makes sense -____-v

Sho-kun got lost in the woods. Jun broke his leg. Nino got dysentary (haha XD) and broke his leg twice. And Oh-chan's gotten everyone lost like 3 times -_-v

This game is so much fun :D Except for Aiba-chan getting attacked by wild animals :(

FFIII & DSi Ramblings

So, I was in VA this weekend visiting a friend and during lounge time yesterday, I played FFIII. I was in the Crystal Tower killing things left and right, but then came beating Xande and I was like "Wait. Where am I? Is this the end?!" So, I grabbed my friend's laptop and did a search and IT WAS. Kind of. Or at least it was the POINT OF NO RETURN and no save point!! >.<


So, basically, I went to the World of Darkness and beat the four dark warriors and then came the final boss. I took out 101,000 of it's 120,000 HP before I died :( And was brought back to OUTSIDE of the Crystal Tower and will now have to start ALL OVER D:

Man! >.<


I'm going to have to level up more and rethink my strategy (i.e. use a ninja instead of the fighter). ::SIGH::

I also bought a DSi while down there since I was able to ask the gamestop guy if I could trade in both my gameboy SP and DS Lite for $90 towards the DSi. He said yes and also said I could just buy the system there (as it isn't in stock in here) and return and repurchase/trade in the hardware here. Looking at reviews though, it seems battery life is significantly reduced. And I won't be able to play any of my old GBA games, but I guess that's okay since I only ever bought one >.>


Yes, what a waste of a gameboy SP--but I wanted Kingdom Hearts: CoM :O

I have that for the ps2 now, so I can sacrifice the SP now. But I won't be able to play my guitar hero on tour anymore since the DSi doesn't have a GBA slot :| I guess that's not SUCH a loss as I wasn't playing it too much. So I guess I'll either trade it in or sell it.

ANYWAY, I think I will just keep the DSi. My DS Lite touch screen is pretty scratched up (dang you harvest moon >:O).

Okay, enough ramblings. DC was nice. It was the first time ever visiting and I saw all the monuments and the White House from a distance :)
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Yuuri ^_^

Ninja Town Done ^_____^

Finally got all A's in Ninja Town. A co-worker helped me figure out the last level I was agonizing over ^^v Yay~! That's another game off the list...Now I have Okami, The World Ends With You, Elite Beat Agents (Japan ver), Eternal Sonata, Simpsons, SOTET, uhhh okay, I have a lot of games to finish >.>v