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Psych Season 4 Finale Take 2

Yes, that's right. This is my second attempt to watch the season finale because I was already sleepy last night (couldn't even get past Snow's intro in FFXIII) and the finale didn't grip my interest at all, so I went to sleep. That's right I said it :O This episode was awkward and it made me fall asleep :O

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Okay. Now that's done. Off to continue FFXIII :)
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Psych 415

TOTALLY redeemed itself from last week's episode XD The humor wasn't forced and was just :D :D I liked that Lassiter played a larger role and that psych out at the end was hilarious.
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I am on a total Psych rewatching spree XD

After the awful Psych episode last week (it wasn't funny at all and Shawn's usual antics made me embarrassed just watching him -_-v), it made me want to rewatch seasons 1 and 2 (the good ol' Psych). I've rewatched the poker episode, (international version of) the premiere, and the spelling bee (ba-NA-NA XD). I think I'm going to watch A Night with Mr. Yang tonight ^______^ After I finish reading fic. I blame this Lassiter fic I read a few days ago for reminding me how fun Psych is. I can't believe it took reading a Lassiter fic to do it (I've never actually read one focused on him or really any Lassiter/Shawn fic because it still kind of squicks me. I'm really just into the gen).

And White Collar has been slipping lately. Okay actually ever since the mid-season finale happened, the show hasn't been very good. I mean, it's not really the best show, but at least it was entertaining at first. These last episodes have been kind of poorly written. What am I going to watch if all the shows I'm watching are going crappy (including HIMYM). I guess I should really start branching out...
Yuuri ^_^

Psych 309 & Arashi 5x10

I watched the season 3 Psych episode on the train today and couldn't stop smiling XD Seriously, what show has the cast do the CHARLIE BROWN XMAS DANCE??? PSYCH does XD It was freaking hilarious ^___________^ And then the outtake at the end where Juliet comes in and does it to? AWESOME.

And the whole guessing the xmas present between Shawn and Henry was hilarious as well :D This show is <3

I also got Arashi's 5x10 album in the mail today :) I waited until I actually got the CD before commenting on Disc 3 track selections...

1. Okay. Cool & Soul. I've never liked this song (including Arashic as a whole), but I also know Arashi adores it. Oh well.
2. Yes? No?: LOVE this song. I'm so glad someone picked this to be included :D
3. Only Love: Wow, the only song chosen that was released prior to their 5 year anniversary. To be honest, I've never listened to any albums before Iza, Now. Only singles. It's okay.
4. Natsu no Namae: One of my most listened to songs from the One album. I remember not being too interested in this album, but grew to like it after a few listens. I guess I didn't like the member's solos much (except Himitsu); however, I did like the group songs.
5. Oh Yeah!: Awesome song. It really gets you pumped up!
6. Re(mark)able: Ahh, the song that came with that book. Not a fan lol ^^;; I guess I really am a pop girl >.>v I wonder if they included it because it was only released from that book...? Although I think Arashi just like songs like this (see comment on Cool & Soul above). I mean I like La Tormenta Arashi rap, but I guess nothing else...
7. Boku ga Boku no Subete: Hmm, the song's okay. It didn't leave much of an impression to me when I listened to the Beautiful Days single. I suppose it's because I kind of dropped out of Arashi fandom at that point coughbecauseofmerlincough
8. Still...: Yes, I enjoy this song very much! The entire Happiness single was great :D
9. Be with you: Time I think is one of my favorite albums (on level with Iza, Now). I ADORE this song. Ballads are always <3 to me. And Ohno rocked it :)
10. Subarashiki Sekai: Oh come on. This song being put on here was a given. FANTASTIC song ^__^

/End Review

I hope my travel agent contacts me tomorrow -_- Or else I'll call her Wednesday. Off to watch more Psych :D
Yuuri ^_^

Psych 316: An Evening with Mr. Yang

That episode was AWESOME O_O

And yes I did skip most of the season and went straight to this episode >.>V

I mean, I love Psych for the humor, banter between Shawn & Gus and all those 80s references, but this was a lovely change of pace XD I was on the edge of my seat the entire time :D And seeing Shawn so intense and scared for once was like whoa. And Ally Sheedy :D Wow.

I wonder if there is fic. Because I don't see how Shawn can overcome this so quickly. And yes, I absolutely believe that Gus was there in the car to look out for Shawn considering the day they had ^^

I'll watch the rest of season 3 eventually...it was getting kind of slow mid-season, thus the skipping ahead to the season finale >.>V

...I don't want to go to work tomorrow ._.

And okay cool, September Arashi tickets are out.
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