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Aiba-chan suteki


I just watched most of the Ohno Solo con fancam that has been going around the web and omg, Oh-chan XD I loved you (second to Aiba-chan of course XD) before this but you just reminded me how MUCH I adore you XD XD Oh-chan is AMAZING! His singing, his dancing, him being Oh-chan :D SUGOI!

His concert was full of laughter and just goodness and wonderfulness ^____^ I'm so glad I got to see it! I only watched the second half because of course the first thing I wanted to see were the One Con spoofs XD They were hilarious! I loved how Oh-chan superimposed himself over Aiba-chan, waving his own uchiwa and everything :D During Nino's I thought I heard some people boo-ing occasionally ._. But whatever. He was still great ^^ Really trying to capture the essence of Nino's moves :) I watched Sho-kun's solo for the first time (I don't really like his One solo song) and it was so funny how Oh-chan missed the whole thing while he was changing outfits behind stage and was only able to come out, do a 'Sho' pose (facial expression included lol Pursed his lips and everything! Sorry, Sho-kun ^^;), shake his cane a couple of times before disappearing again. Then...the moment of truth...

JUN"S WITH ME SOLO XD Awesome! Not Jun, but Oh-chan XD His wig, his stripping, his falling on top of the girl lol Leader saikou XD

Then of course he did his Rain solo *_* And right after Top Secret. I LOVE his performance of Top Secret!! It's simply amazing!

Then OmiyaSK rabu rabu XD I suppose they had to expose Nino's bald head whenever they got the chance :D Who knows when this will ever happen again :D

Hmm, what else, when M.A.D were singing uh, I don't remember the song title, but the ganbaru sa, makenai i no sa, or something like that, and Oh-chan came out in a Jr. shirt and backdanced for them...I thought that was great! ^____^ I like how Oh-chan designated a time to introduce them (on the big screen) to the audience during A Day in Our Life. It's great that they were able to get more exposure. Not that I have any idea who they are, but they must be great since they were dancing during Ohno's con.

Pikanchi Double was great too. I loved how Oh-chan let the audience sing the end (though maybe he was tired ^^;).

Then the last part that clinched it...when Oh-chan came out for the final time in his track suit, saying his thanks and goodbyes, waving, lots of 'V's', he trips on the last step as he's leaving XD That is SO Ohno :D His adorkableness is what makes me wub him V^______^V

I'll have to watch the first part of the con a little later. Back to kh2 :D

oh one last thing. Aiba-chan looked so genki during Itsuka no Summer ^_^ He offered a victory sign just as he appeared on stage, all smiles ^_____^ <3 him ^__^