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Yuuri ^_^

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days...Done!

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The game overall was okay. I mostly played because I wanted to find out what happened at the end of the story. Gameplay itself was refreshing for the real time battling. I suppose this is why FF usually bores me half way through because you really just need to level up and the battling is by turn. This game was a nice change of pace. I swore that I would never play anymore KH games because it seems the one after KHII was going to be about the original keyblade wielders (this one doesn't count because it's still in the Sora timeline--I wub you Sora XD) and I just couldn't stand another KH game. KHII wasn't that great visual-wise and gameplay wise and I was just so sick of it after I was done. Not to say that I didn't love the characters, but yea. That game was long and very underwhelming.

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Okay, off to finish off 358/2 completely...100 percento, here I come! :)
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Heat Wave by Richard Castle

...eh. It was kind of boring. I guess I'm not really a mystery novel person. The only reason I finished reading it in the past day was because it was due back to the library today. I don't think the story could stand alone; it was too much like the TV show.

In other news...I ordered the 10th anniversary Digimon All the Best CD >.>v

And the Digimon Adventure Best Hit Parade CD because I wanted to own Koushiro's Version Up! song v<.<

I always liked the Digimon music :) Well, from the Adventures seasons. I never got into Tamers much and didn't watch anything after that. I've been in a Digimon kick ever since I found digitalrewind. It was nice watching the episodes in the original Japanese. It showed me how much the dub added dialogue and changed the meaning behind certain dialogue completely. I already knew about that whole xmas episode with Sora, Tai, and Yamato...but like changing Takeru's dialogue whenever he was around Daisuke...Takeru was actually pretty easy going in the beginning of 02, never rubbing in his friendship with Hikari in Daisuke's face. The dub made it seems as if there were some romance triangle =/

Anyway, still ignoring FFXIII, but I'm almost done with KH 358/2. For some reason I thought it was 365 days ._.v The game is fun, but I'm mostly playing now just to see what happens in the story (Oh, Roxas D:). I had to read back on the storyline for the KH universe because it is a little confusing (i.e. KH2).

And that is all! Except that I really need to start buying stuff for my Arizona trip. Maybe I'll go shopping this weekend.


I FINALLY beat Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories V-_-V That Marluxia battle lasted a good 10 minutes. That judgement slight is the best :D Though near the end where the credits were rolling, the sound turned all static-ky during Simple & clean :| The beep >:|

Riku's version came up, but uh, no way am I playing that now or ever. Next is Final Fantasy 12 :D Which is released in 2 weeks :D

And in RL...what's with all the work :O Okay, I really don't mind doing work, but school did not prepare me for what I am doing at my job. I should really spend an hour at home just reading regulations and memorizing them because I can never recall anything when someone asks me :O


And I should really learn to speak up :O

And Dean is on tonight and I really hope this episode is good because so far this season has not been good ;_; I only liked the first episode ;_;


I need to burn stuff off my computer...

Annnnnd I spent more money that I don't have on Dr. Quinn boxsets ._.v It was buy one get one free! There is no way I'm passing that up :O I'm going to have a marathon when I get these *_* I'm such a dork. But I liked that show :D I don't know where I'm going to put it though. I need more shelf space.

Annnd I'm not really crying out for help in my icon, but I just love Tamaki ^_____^V
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