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Yuuri ^_^

Johnny's Countdown 2009-2010

OMG best countdown EVER XD

I mean, it started out typical with all the Johnny's groups singin' their songs and then their debut songs...and it was lovely seeing Uchi, and Aiba & Junno (Kyaa XD you genki duo!) hanging out, and Toma with his arm around Yamapi, and Oh-chan with Innochi, but then...they did the Change Medley!!!

Which essentially is groups singing other group's songs :D When Kanjani8 first appeared on the show, I was thinking "Man, I wish they would sing Sukiyanen, Osaka!, but that song's too old, so they won't BUT THEN THEY DID! And by 'they', I mean ARASHI!!!

That was a dream come true XD The most awesome, genki-est song EVER sung by my most beloved group v^______________________^V

And they totally nailed it :D And then Kanjani8 sang One Love and they wore these outfits with infinity signs on their butts and still sang the song seriously :D And Arashi was cheering them on and doing the hand gestures with them and <3

And then to my utter delight, NEWS sang one of my favorite KinKi Kids songs: Aisareru Yori Aishitai :D

And then Yamapi announced KAT-TUN to sing Kibou Yell and I was all 'ugh, can they pull that off?' And yes, Junno did (Yes, I'm biased) ^_^ Though Jin was being a total brat and not doing any of the hand gestures and singing on the other end of his mike :| I'm not sure why I was so annoyed with him, or maybe it's my general 'I'm going to ignore KAT-TUN's' existence' thing, but it did bug me. I used to like Jin too =/ Stop trying to act "cute" to get attention! It's not working!

Sidenote: And did you know they have a show? A late night one? I didn't (probably because of my whole ignoring all other JE-related things except Arashi because there just isn't any time anymore) and only know because it came on late one night while I was in Japan and my sister was like:

Sister: Who are those ugly people?
Me: What? That's KAT-TUN. You know, ugly!Kame.
Sister: ...What!

Yes, she knew who they were prior, but I guess she forgot what they looked like...? Ha.

ANYWAY did anyone else think Tsuyoshi looked a little stoned? ^^; Oh and it was so nice to see Takki and Tsubasa ^___^ I always forget I wub them too ^^v And I guess at the end they found the people with birthdays for this new Tiger year...? Anyway, Massu was adorable :D And poor Taichi XD; And what were V6 wearing? Rhinestons bedazzled on suits with cobwebs??? -_-v Although Aiba-chan was wearing a silver and purple hemmed jacket while singing Believe -____-;; What is with Johnny's and their outfits?

::looks up:: Super long review :D
Yuuri ^_^

Kanjani8 Medieval Short Movie


It's freakin' hilarious XD I think my favorite part is right after Yassu is forced to walk past all those laser beams and the rest start walking through it and while everyone is cartwheeling and doing all sorts of things, all Subaru is doing is walking sideways and flashing a 'V' sign ^_____^

Ohkura looked great in his knight outfit :)~~

Yep, been posting tons since I've been catching up on a lot of JE stuff ^^V

Now I must find that Hey3 episode back in April when they were guests...