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Yuuri ^_^

Changes by Jim Butcher

Oh. My. GOD. Best book EVER!

And how could he end it like that O_o I had to reread the last page like three times because I was in shock and didn't believe it--just like Harry.

Everyone from the Dresden series made a cameo in this book. I mean EVERYONE. It was as if he (the author) was saying a goodbye.

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I loved this book. I'm not sure if it's my favorite (Maybe Small Favors is), but it was amazing. Jim Butcher's writing gets better with every novel he writes. The first few books in this series were not that great, but he's gotten progressively better over the years. I love this series. I hate that they made an awful TV show of it that sucked and I wish they would make this series into several movies because I can so picture this book as a film. But I am absolutely okay with it being just books.

I can't stop gushing over this book ^____^ I loved it. I can't wait until the next one comes out!
Yuuri ^_^

Turn Coat - Jim Butcher

Soooo...this is the first time I actually figured out who the culprit was :O

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The book was good. Not as good as Small Favor, but still good. And oh Thomas D: I worried about you the entire time and then this ._.

I wonder if Michael will show up in the next book ._. I haven't really thought about him really being crippled until I read that line in this book ._. I love it when the Knights of the Cross are brought into the story :D I dunno why, but those books are always <3

Well, I guess I have a wait until the next book :( Now I can start using my new DSi :D
Yuuri ^_^

Manga... and Harry Dresden :D

I got all the manga (and the new Dresden file book) today from Amazon :D There were FIVE separate boxes waiting for me after lunch. It was like xmas >.>v It's such a waste of cardboard, but I can't control how they ship things :O

Okay. That's a lie. I could have told them to ship everything together, but I wanted the new Aka-chan to Boku comiku ._. I read the new FY Genbu volume. It was okay in the beginning, but by the end of the volume I was all 'this sucks' and it reminded me how there are certain things I don't like about shoujo manga or maybe it's just Yuu Watase -_-

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Hmm...now I need to decide if I should continue reading my manga (which includes the spork manga :D see icon :D), or start Turn Coat. I know if I start Turn Coat, I will be ignoring everything else (including FFIII). I guess I'll decide tomorrow morning :D

Yay for new things to read ^____________________^