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New Laptop Ordered

Just ordered a new laptop to replace my lemon HP. I hope this new one (Sony Vaio EB) will last longer than a year especially since I'm spending so much. For the first time ever, I've actually purchased a 2 year warranty plan on top of the 1 year given to me and I used my AMEX card, so I should get another year on top of that. I really, really hope this lasts ;_;

Soo, my spending for this weekend:

Laptop: $1500
TH Sweater: $54
2 Limited dresses: $112
MK Casual Dress: $55
Knitted Top: $23
Gold strappy heels: $10

Annnd I committed myself to going to India for my BF's wedding, so that'll be at least $1100 for the plane ticket. I need to stop buying soup with my sandwich for lunch and need to continue bringing ham sandwiches for lunch @_@ And I need to stop shopping too...

My (dang) HP Laptop

Soooo read this post and tried to remove the speaker cover. Couldn't remove it all the way, but lifted the left side enough to find that black tape. All I could do was push that in a bit, so my screen is a little better. I can actually have the screen upright instead of pushed all the way back without flickering (though even pushed all the way back it was still flickering). It still flickers a bit and will probably get worse later on, but I'll take it -_-v

Maybe next time I can pull the entire cover off ._.
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Day 8 of being computerless...

I finally ordered a new laptop today. After much debate, I went and got an HP. I know, I know, what the heck? But my old laptop was an HP (from my school) and it did last for 5 years, so I guess I'm sticking with what I know. The VAIO was so tempting, but the CR doesn't have the latest graphic chip, nor does the SR have a big enough screen AND the new CS is not available until who knows when -_-v

So, using a $400 off coupon, I got my HP dv5t for $1045, including tax. I opted out of the two business day shipping as it'll be shipped over Columbus day weekend and it would be THREE business days until I get it instead of the two, so yea. wow, I just realized. It's going to be about a month until I get a new compy, which means that'll be a whole month of being unable to dl ANYTHING >.<

I am so deprived ;_; I don't even know what's going on in the JE world ;_; And Nino's dorama. Did that start yet?? >.<

And in my computer-less state, I ordered The O.C. season 1. Collapse )

Okay. Back to work...
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