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A Letter to R. Murphy & Glee Writers

You know, I believe my reaction to TBU is in part due to my utter lack of confidence that Glee writers have a plan in mind for anything that happens in the show. Writing continuity, that is. The last time we saw a well thought out storyline was of course season 1 and then the bullying storyline in season 2. Glee hasn't been up to par since, and yes, I understand that this show is actually a comedy, but given the amount of drama they've infused into this show, I feel that if you can't spend the time to address certain subject matter properly (e.g. spousal abuse ala Beiste), you're just doing it for the ratings. It's not to say there wasn't truth to what was said about spousal abuse, but it was kind of just thrown in there last season without any follow up. I think one of the problems is that they have too many characters on the show to be able to give the attention I would like to a subject. Seriously, there are too many characters. Puck saying no one cares about him in season 2...I was interested to see what was happening in his life--where they would go with this, but nope. No time apparently.

Anyway, back to Blaine. They have revealed so many random things about Blaine, but never followed up with them (i.e. Sadie Hawkins dance, his apparent ill relationship with his father, singing Cough Syrup). Do I think they actually revealed these things with an intent for a bigger storyline for this character? No. I want to think that they did, but honestly with their track record and the multitude of throwaway lines, it's going to be a no. It's for this reason I was (and still fairly am) so outraged because I don't think Glee can handle Blaine cheating properly and delve into why he did it. I don't think they will get into it at all despite it deserving some attention given the lack of set up to it.

If Glee can prove me wrong, great, wonderful, I will be OVER THE MOON. Please prove me wrong.

But I won't be holding my breath.


What IS this??

My head is still reeling over last night's Glee episode. I haven't been this disturbed since NEWS broke up (that first time), and do you know what was the first song I heard when I turned on my car radio this morning?

Freakin' Teenage Dream.

My heart D:

R. Murphy and his lazy-ass writers have a lot of work to do to convince me that Blaine would ever do what he did because there was no build up to it. It came out of freakin' nowhere and demonstrates once again how lazy the writers are and what they would do to get ratings.

I wonder if this is the episode that will cause me to eventually stop watching this show. It happened with Supernatral mid-season 3, and I used to love that show. I guess anything is possible especially when you don't make the effort to portray a character within the parameters you developed (ahem hpmovie!Ron anyone? Who got regulated to a comedic relief character) and instead, use them in contrived plot devices characterization be damned.

I'm not one to continue watching a show that becomes a train wreck out of some sense of loyalty. I'd rather spend my time watching a better written show. It's sad because I adore Blaine, and I'm just really afraid of what they'll decide to do with his character from this point forward. They completely ruined Finn's character post-season 1. So, my faith in the script writers, as I've mentioned numerous times, is extremely low. I understand why Darren posted that Facebook message now. I really hope fans don't take it out on him because he and everyone else in the episode acted the hell out of it, inspite of the script they were given. I'm still a fan of him, if not Glee at the moment.


Glee 304 - The Break Up

I don't think I can write very coherently right now. I'm too angry. And sad. Because they completely annihilated Blaine's character. I never imagined the writers would go in this direction for the break up.

Read more...Collapse )

I'm going to stop now. I can't even. Glee is so dead to me right now.

One last thing...Teenage Dream was so hard to watch and not in the "it's so sad" way, but Darren was completely falling apart. It was a little manic and awkward, but in the end, it still did not make me tear up any less.


Glee 403 - Make Over

Best episode so far this season :) Why? Because BLAINE FINALLY GOT A FREAKIN' VOICE OVER! I've been waiting for this ever since he became a regular on Glee ^_______________^V

Also. Robin costume. lol

Blaine I want to give you a million hugs!Collapse )

On a last note, I want more Blam friendship :D Sam is getting around with his friendliness :) I like it :) And I just noticed that Tina wasn't in this episode at all. Huh. And since I didn't get to say this yet: I can't believe Tina and Mike broke up. That made me really sad :(

I want more Tina! Less Marley (blarg)! More Sam! And of course, more Blaine because bans on hair gel is tyranny, which leads to book burning, which leads to burning people. It completely makes sense.




Just read what they decided to do back in July with Tim's history as Robin, and I am HORRIFIED. HORRIFIED.

How dare they do such a thing? Timmay was the BEST robin, who got me into the Batman fandom in the first place, and kept me there for several years! You just can't retcon his time as Robin. The whole continuity will be shot >:O

DC you suck. A lot.



I haven't posted since...April? RL has been kicking my butt >.>v Let's see...

May: Vacationed in Italy (Gelato is DELICIOUS!) and discovered Avengers fandom (Jeremy Renner...you already caught my eye in MI4 and now you've cemented my adoration of you via Clint Barton)

June: Finally filled out/submitted the application for my licensing exam. Embraced all the Barton and (eventually succumbed to) Barton/Coulson fiction. Began planning Sister's baby shower

July: Continued prepping for Sister's shower, which included shopping for presents and decorations and folding 50 origami boxes (other sister folded 2 of them -_-) to hold the It's a Boy! Hershey kisses because I thought putting the candy in plastic bags looked cheap. Then had to complicate matters further by stamping the boxes with bottles/rubber duck/pacifiers using ink that was for reals "slow drying" (why the heck would anyone ever need slow drying ink?! I thought the ink pad was joking. I literally had around 30 pieces of paper laying about on my floor trying to dry!). Co-hosted the shower. Signed up for licensing exam review class.

August: Halfheartedly studying for licensing exam because I am a procrastinator by nature and was using the excuse that I didn't get my application approval letter yet, so why study all out. Well, got my approval letter last week, paid the $270 exam fee and have now committed myself to taking the test in October when I really should be taking it in April since you need about 6 months to prep for this test. I guess I just want to see what the exam is like. Also, I just want to get it over with.

And that's that :o I haven't really been keeping up with Glee fandom. Maybe I'll get into it again when the season starts, but my expectations are really low right now. I'm really just watching it for Blaine >.>

Season 3 Finale ThoughtsCollapse )

Heard Darren's version of It's Time today. The original artist's version is much better. Darren's wasn't too bad, but it wasn't as great as I thought it would be. Maybe my opinion will change when I see it in the episode...??

Oh, and all the deleted scenes Ryan Murphy released? Awesome :D Loved the box scene, as well as, Rachel and Jesse's duet :) The deleted Warblers scene explained much about why the Warblers may have behaved the way they did during the Michael episode (You could see their affront looks after Blaine said they didn't have class(?) anymore. Yes, he directed it to Sebastian, but Blaine said The Warblers and you could see some of the guys getting ticked off at that). It doesn't excuse what happened, but the scene definitely would have helped explain the episode better.

Okay, no more rambling. Back to studying.


Glee 317 - Dance With Somebody

OH MY GOD what a fantastic episode! Darren was SO amazing. Every scene with him and Kurt made me tear up. Wow. I just.

Still SQUEEING!Collapse )

There were so many FEELINGS in this episode! So happy with the way they handled all the Blaine and Kurt scenes! Loved all the Whitney songs too. I didn't realize there were so many of her songs that I liked. Must go find her CD. I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

YAY \o/


Saw Darren Criss today!!!

At the Paramount Studio tour :D :D I mean, I saw Mark Salling first being driven by in a cart, which was cool enough in itself. But then when we turned our cart around a whole group of the Glee cast was walking to the parking lot *_* I spotted Darren first (not believing it was him) and then spotted Harry Shum beside him and Kevin McHale beside Harry. Then there was Santana (sorry, don't remember her name) and Matthew Morrison! I was completely star struck. I didn't take any photos because I don't think it was allowed and didn't want to bother them anyway. I'm not sure if the girls beside me did the same since at one point Darren flipped up his collar to cover his face.

Anyway, I was hoping to see the Glee set (which we didn't) when I booked this tour, but didn't expect to see them *_* SO cool! Also saw Kal Penn at the Paley Center.

Best. Day. Ever!!!