Mika-chan (verde_ivy) wrote,

New Laptop Ordered

Just ordered a new laptop to replace my lemon HP. I hope this new one (Sony Vaio EB) will last longer than a year especially since I'm spending so much. For the first time ever, I've actually purchased a 2 year warranty plan on top of the 1 year given to me and I used my AMEX card, so I should get another year on top of that. I really, really hope this lasts ;_;

Soo, my spending for this weekend:

Laptop: $1500
TH Sweater: $54
2 Limited dresses: $112
MK Casual Dress: $55
Knitted Top: $23
Gold strappy heels: $10

Annnd I committed myself to going to India for my BF's wedding, so that'll be at least $1100 for the plane ticket. I need to stop buying soup with my sandwich for lunch and need to continue bringing ham sandwiches for lunch @_@ And I need to stop shopping too...
Tags: compy, rl

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