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My Drama Rankings :D

Edit: Oh yes I did bump this post :D Updated 6/19/2011
Updates are in bold :)

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Because the work day is almost over and I was always meaning to make this...here's a list of all the dramas (well, ones I recall anyway) I've watched and how I rank them :D

In no particular order:

Drama that EVERYONE should watch and I mean EVERYONE (i.e. if people asked for a drama to watch, I would recommend these with no reservations)
1. Summer Snow
2. Orange Days
3. Nobuta wo Produce
4. Death Note JMovies

Shows that are really, really good and I would recommend them, but not force anyone to watch
1. Stand Up!
2. Good Luck
3. Mukodono
4. Anego
5. Sailor Moon Live Action (XD okay I wouldn't recommend it out loud, but it still belongs here :D)
6. Yoiko no Mikata
7. Kisarazu Cat's Eye
8. Ao no Honoo (JMovie)
9. Lovely Complex ^____^V
10. Yamada Taro Monogatari
11. Nodame Cantabile (I was torn whether to put this here or below, but overall it was pretty good. Did not appreciate all the manga/anime-esque slapping/hitting because it seemed out of place, but still, the show was enjoyable. And Chiaki is hot :))
12. Maou (Again, this was between the below category and this one. The show was slow/weak at some points, but I really enjoyed the storyline and characters)

It was okay. Nothing spectacular/special, but it was entertaining. (i.e. standard drama)
1. Kikenna Aneki
2. Ai no Uta (still watching)
3. Engine
4. Ganbatte Ikimasshoi
5. Lunch Queen
6. Kinpachi Sensei 6
7. Brother Beat
8. Gokusen
9. H2
10. Yasashii Jikan Demoted O_o
11. Oyaji
12. Dragon Zakura
13. Tiger & Dragon
14. Satomi Hakenden (SP drama)
15. Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo SP (2005)
16. Swing Girls (JMovie)
17. Water Boys (JMovie)
18. Team Medical Dragon
19. Pikanchi (JMovie)
20. Attention Please!
21. ima, ai ni yukimasu
22. Himitsu no Hanazono
23. Ikebukuro West Gate Park
24. Haken no Hinkaku Demoted O_o
24. Liar Game (A little too dramatic/over the top at times, but I liked the soundtrack. It's almost like a guilty pleasure >.> It was a toss up between this category and the one below it, but I was mildly entertained so here it is.)
25. Tantei Gakuen Q
26. Yukan Club (It was nice seeing Yoko in a 'cool' role for a change :)
27. Binbo Danshi (Despite it going against EVERYTHING I BELIEVE IN (i.e. lending money without getting it back), but was entertaining and hilarious at some points :)
28. Bloody Monday (Started out okay, but lost its momentum. Still entertaining though and Miura Haruma is nice to look at)
29. Uta no Oniisan (I skipped a few eps because it wasn't that interesting i.e. Oh-chan was not the focus in the episode >.>. Overall though, very cute show. Definitely watched due to Oh-chan)
30. Ryusei no Kizuna (I enjoyed it, but it was not that memorable. Still, great acting as usual on Nino's part :)
31. Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari 2009 SP (OMG this was so disturbing >.< Good Job Toma T_T)
32. My Girl (A very sweet/heartwarming drama. Though, if Aiba-chan wasn't in it, I probably wouldn't have given this drama a second glance as the story wasn't very original. Aiba-chan did such a great job ^_^)
33. Tokyo Dogs (I wanted to like it more than I did, but the story wasn't that great. What I liked best in this show was the comedy bits: Maruo arguing with Sou (especially about Disneyland XD), Sou's conversations with his mom, Sou taking a bite out of that plastic bag...comic genius :D They really shouldn't have forced romance into the show because it wasn't believable that Sou would feel that way.)
34. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (There's no way Narimiya Hiroki can pull off being a high schooler, so I'm really surprised he did this role. Still, the show was fun to watch. Very light and funny.)

I watched it. Can't really figure out why. May have been JE-driven.
1. Kimi wa Petto
2. Akimahende
3. Gachibaka (Stopped at episode 7)
3. Gokusen 2
4. Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo 3
5. To Heart (still haven't watched the last episode)
6. Fantastipo (JMovie)
7. Yanpapa
8. Neverland (I think I have 3 more episodes to go...)
9. Hard Luck Hero (JMovie)
10. Haken no Hinkaku
11. Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi (Had to see Toma in this ^^;;)
12. Honey and Clover (it started out good ::flails:: Toma...why must they make you the gag of jokes ;_;)
13. Koizura (JMovie)
14. Gokusen 3
15. Furuhata Chuugakusei (SP)
16. Yasashii Jikan (Okay, so I lied. This was definitely Nino driven. It was pretty slow overall, so not that interesting. The music is great though)
17. Gokusen Movie (There were so many cameos, which was cool. Was expecting Jun to show up, but I guess that would have taken away from Kame...?)

meh. I couldn't finish it/no intention of finishing it
1. Nurse Aoi (I watched half)
2. Densha Otoko (I watched maybe half and realized it wasn't very realistic)
3. GTO (I watched 3/4 and realized some of the stuff was just too outrageous)
4. Moto Kare (boring)
5. Love Generation
6. Sai no Blues (mediocre and Tegoshi's screaming just turned me off from it)
7. Gachibaka (Stopped at episode 7...I'm surprised I got that far...sorry Massu T_T)
8. Princess Princess D (OMG this was god awful...who paid for this??)
9. VOICE (It just wasn't interesting. And both Eita and Ishihara Satomi bug/annoy me. Sorry Toma T_T)
10. Samurai High School (watched half of it because Miura Haruma was in it, but the premise of the show was too ridiculous for me. And Shirota Yu will forever be a weirdo to me and seeing him act meek in this drama was disturbing.)

Why did I watch this?? Give me back my life!
1. Strawberry on the Shortcake

I watched the first episode and gave up/wasn't interested
1. Ace wo nerae
2. Beautiful Life
3. Kurosagi
4. Taiyou no Kisetsu
5. sekai no chuushin de, ai o sakebu
6. busu no hitomi koishiteru

Currently watching and haven't decided yet where to place it, but am enjoying it
1. ima, ai ni yukimasu Moved :D
2. ikebukuro west gate park Moved :D
3. Majo no Jouken
4. Handoku
5. Unfair
6. Liar Game Moved :D
7. Yamada Taro Monogatari Moved :D
8. Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi Moved :D
9. Tantei Gakuen Q Moved :D
10. Yukan Club Moved :D
11. Honey and Clover (Toma~~~~~!!!) Moved :D
12. Gokusen 3 Moved :D
13. Binbo Danshi Moved :D
14. Maou Moved :D
15. Nodame Cantabile Moved :D
16. Bloody Monday (Miura Haruma XD) Moved :D
17. Uta no Oniisan Moved :D
18. Seigi no Mikata
19. VOICE Moved :D
20. Namida wo Fuite
21. Ryusei no Kizuna Moved :D
22. The Quiz Show
23. My Girl (Aiba-chan XD) Moved :D
24. Liar Game 2
25. Samurai High School Moved :D
26. Tokyo Dogs Moved :D
27. Bloody Monday 2
28. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Moved :D
29. Freeter, Ie wo Kau

I'll probably update this as I remember/as I watch new things :D I feel so accomplished ^____^

Three day weekend starts.....NOW XD XD XD
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