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A Letter to R. Murphy & Glee Writers

You know, I believe my reaction to TBU is in part due to my utter lack of confidence that Glee writers have a plan in mind for anything that happens in the show. Writing continuity, that is. The last time we saw a well thought out storyline was of course season 1 and then the bullying storyline in season 2. Glee hasn't been up to par since, and yes, I understand that this show is actually a comedy, but given the amount of drama they've infused into this show, I feel that if you can't spend the time to address certain subject matter properly (e.g. spousal abuse ala Beiste), you're just doing it for the ratings. It's not to say there wasn't truth to what was said about spousal abuse, but it was kind of just thrown in there last season without any follow up. I think one of the problems is that they have too many characters on the show to be able to give the attention I would like to a subject. Seriously, there are too many characters. Puck saying no one cares about him in season 2...I was interested to see what was happening in his life--where they would go with this, but nope. No time apparently.

Anyway, back to Blaine. They have revealed so many random things about Blaine, but never followed up with them (i.e. Sadie Hawkins dance, his apparent ill relationship with his father, singing Cough Syrup). Do I think they actually revealed these things with an intent for a bigger storyline for this character? No. I want to think that they did, but honestly with their track record and the multitude of throwaway lines, it's going to be a no. It's for this reason I was (and still fairly am) so outraged because I don't think Glee can handle Blaine cheating properly and delve into why he did it. I don't think they will get into it at all despite it deserving some attention given the lack of set up to it.

If Glee can prove me wrong, great, wonderful, I will be OVER THE MOON. Please prove me wrong.

But I won't be holding my breath.
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