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What IS this??

My head is still reeling over last night's Glee episode. I haven't been this disturbed since NEWS broke up (that first time), and do you know what was the first song I heard when I turned on my car radio this morning?

Freakin' Teenage Dream.

My heart D:

R. Murphy and his lazy-ass writers have a lot of work to do to convince me that Blaine would ever do what he did because there was no build up to it. It came out of freakin' nowhere and demonstrates once again how lazy the writers are and what they would do to get ratings.

I wonder if this is the episode that will cause me to eventually stop watching this show. It happened with Supernatral mid-season 3, and I used to love that show. I guess anything is possible especially when you don't make the effort to portray a character within the parameters you developed (ahem hpmovie!Ron anyone? Who got regulated to a comedic relief character) and instead, use them in contrived plot devices characterization be damned.

I'm not one to continue watching a show that becomes a train wreck out of some sense of loyalty. I'd rather spend my time watching a better written show. It's sad because I adore Blaine, and I'm just really afraid of what they'll decide to do with his character from this point forward. They completely ruined Finn's character post-season 1. So, my faith in the script writers, as I've mentioned numerous times, is extremely low. I understand why Darren posted that Facebook message now. I really hope fans don't take it out on him because he and everyone else in the episode acted the hell out of it, inspite of the script they were given. I'm still a fan of him, if not Glee at the moment.