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I haven't posted since...April? RL has been kicking my butt >.>v Let's see...

May: Vacationed in Italy (Gelato is DELICIOUS!) and discovered Avengers fandom (Jeremy Renner...you already caught my eye in MI4 and now you've cemented my adoration of you via Clint Barton)

June: Finally filled out/submitted the application for my licensing exam. Embraced all the Barton and (eventually succumbed to) Barton/Coulson fiction. Began planning Sister's baby shower

July: Continued prepping for Sister's shower, which included shopping for presents and decorations and folding 50 origami boxes (other sister folded 2 of them -_-) to hold the It's a Boy! Hershey kisses because I thought putting the candy in plastic bags looked cheap. Then had to complicate matters further by stamping the boxes with bottles/rubber duck/pacifiers using ink that was for reals "slow drying" (why the heck would anyone ever need slow drying ink?! I thought the ink pad was joking. I literally had around 30 pieces of paper laying about on my floor trying to dry!). Co-hosted the shower. Signed up for licensing exam review class.

August: Halfheartedly studying for licensing exam because I am a procrastinator by nature and was using the excuse that I didn't get my application approval letter yet, so why study all out. Well, got my approval letter last week, paid the $270 exam fee and have now committed myself to taking the test in October when I really should be taking it in April since you need about 6 months to prep for this test. I guess I just want to see what the exam is like. Also, I just want to get it over with.

And that's that :o I haven't really been keeping up with Glee fandom. Maybe I'll get into it again when the season starts, but my expectations are really low right now. I'm really just watching it for Blaine >.>

I liked how Season 3 ended. I like how Kurt didn't get into NYADA. It felt more realistic. Although, I don't understand why he didn't apply for other schools. That was completely unrealistic. I like that Rachel got into NYADA (yes, all you Rachel haters out there) because that made much more sense. Rachel is a phenomenal singer (maybe I'm biased because I think Lea Michele is incredible, but whatever) and although her character is somewhat questionable, I don't think that really matters. I was sad to see that Rachel and Finn broke up, but glad they did it. I like that Finn did end up joining the army. I was a bit ticked off during that episode where Schuester, Carole, and Burt all ganged up and basically told Finn he was making a mistake for wanting to join. Uh, if Finn wants to join the army, he can damn well please join the army. Seriously, I didn't understand why they wrote the episode like that and then just recant their stance in the last episode and have him join. Glee writers, your inconsistencies and script writing is completely maddening.

...which is behind my wariness of season 4. This show is definitely going downhill. I want good ol' Season 1 days where they actually integrated the music into the show. Rather than just copping out and having music themed weeks where they just perform in front of each other. Yes, that's right. I want them to suddenly break out into song while they are walking to and from class. The way they insert music into the show now? Completely LAZY writing. Also, please stop using current pop music so much. You're just limiting the age group of your audience. Okay, it's not that I don't like current pop, but it's always a pleasant surprise to hear older songs. I think I almost died hearing that they're going to sing Call Me Maybe (No, I have not got on board with that song and am still holding out from listening to it completely).

Heard Darren's version of It's Time today. The original artist's version is much better. Darren's wasn't too bad, but it wasn't as great as I thought it would be. Maybe my opinion will change when I see it in the episode...??

Oh, and all the deleted scenes Ryan Murphy released? Awesome :D Loved the box scene, as well as, Rachel and Jesse's duet :) The deleted Warblers scene explained much about why the Warblers may have behaved the way they did during the Michael episode (You could see their affront looks after Blaine said they didn't have class(?) anymore. Yes, he directed it to Sebastian, but Blaine said The Warblers and you could see some of the guys getting ticked off at that). It doesn't excuse what happened, but the scene definitely would have helped explain the episode better.

Okay, no more rambling. Back to studying.